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Please help Buhlers Yachts stay alive



Editor: My name is Allen McGillivray and I live in Red Deer Alberta, Canada.

My best friend is Mathew Llewellyn, the owner of Buhlers Yachts in Calliaqua, St. Vincent.{{more}}

My father had the privilege of meeting Mathew in 1963 when he was working in St. Vincent on the deep sea port in Kingstown and helped him move his family to Canada.

In later years, I was very fortunate to have stayed at my Matthew’s house, in St Vincent, for 6 months, where I experienced the time of my life.

Recently, my friend called me in a state of depression just needing to talk. He has desperately been trying to make Buhlers Yachts a viable enterprise and to employ people on the island, helping them feed their families. In doing so, it seems the Government and the Prime Minister are giving him the run around regarding receiving permission for his company to bring in items from boat suppliers at duty exemption; as they are going to be used on the boats that are to be sold completed.

This exemption has been in place for many years and is now being rescinded. From what I can determine, it is due to the issue that the government supposedly wishes Buhlers Yachts to relocate to another area. Apparently, there is a hotel interested in the property on which Buhlers Yachts currently resides.

Buhler Yachts has pertinent ship building supplies now being held up in customs; and for no apparent reason, the Government will not allow the duty exemption that has been in place previously.

Due to this government restriction, the extremely unfortunate result is the boat project being done by Buhlers Yachts is only partially completed. It has had to come to a complete halt, affecting many people employed with the company, who are now unemployed.

Mathew, the owner of Buhlers Yachts, is on the verge of losing everything; and his only failure is trying to give St. Vincent and its people a company that employs and contributes to its future growth.

Unfortunately, I am not a rich individual, so I cannot help my friend with financial support; the only thing that I can do at this time is to write a letter from a friend and implore the Government and the people of St. Vincent to assist my friend who is 80 years old and has spent his life supporting St. Vincent. It is now time you in turn help the people of St. Vincent and in particular Mathew Llewellyn and Buhlers Yachts. You can make a difference and support the people who have supported you!

Allen McGillivray

Editor’s note: Our checks indicate that the interest in the land is not for hotel development but for the expansion of the Coast Guard Base and the relocation of the Calliaqua Police Station.