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We’re losing male influence in schools



Editor: It is unfortunate that the crime rate in this country is at its present level. We have to examine whether it is as a result of external influences, local factors or a combination of both. I have been repeatedly told that drugs are the main cause of crime, but I am not convinced of that. For me, the main cause of crime is dishonesty. If persons will deal honestly with each other whether in legal or illegal activity, I am certain that there will not be this level of crime. We cannot, however, forget that an illegal act is a dishonest one.{{more}}

It is always said that high unemployment leads to crime, but I am convinced that unemployment is higher amongst women. However, most crimes are committed by men. Maybe they are the ones still being seen as the main bread winner for their women and children and, therefore, have to meet obligations by any means necessary.

There are many social programs focusing on the development of women. There is now the need for some of these focusing on men. Too many of our young men are not going on to the next level. A significantly higher percentage of women than men are registering in tertiary institutions. As a result of this, we have fallen into a cycle whereby a significantly higher percentage of the teachers are females. We, therefore, no longer have the male teachers in sufficient numbers who will take the boys to the park to play cricket or football after school. We are, therefore, losing the male influence in schools. I do believe that this is one of the main causes for so many of our males not going further.

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