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Let us get back to basics



Editor: It is well accepted that we are body, mind and spirit. The body is that physical part we see, the mind is that internal part of us that relates to our surroundings, and the spirit is that which relates to the higher intelligence, God. I like to say that the body is local, the mind is regional and the spirit is international.{{more}}

The three components must function in harmony in order for us to live a self-fulfilling life. Just as we nourish our body with food, we also need to nourish our minds with positive thoughts. The Spirit has to be nourished by God. They all have their purpose.

We tend to focus on our body but pay very little attention to our mind and spirit. We are able to attain our goals in this life through the actions of our mind and spirit.

The mind enables us to think. However, most of us do not recognize that thought is energy and the Universe is also a field of energy. That is why we can use a remote or a cell phone. When we think something, we are transmitting energy into the Universe. That is why very often when we think of someone we have not seen, the person thinks about us around the same time. Also it is for the same reason we can sense when someone is looking at us.

The spirit deals with the communication with the highest intelligence which is God. Intuition is a function of the spirit. This very often warns us of impending danger, though more often than not we do not take note. Animals tend to rely more on their intuition than us, and it is for this reason they very often tend to sense impending disasters and vacate the area. They are also more in tune with the environment around them and, therefore, sense the smallest changes.

The question I must now ask is this, do you think that God gave all these capabilities to animals and not mankind? The answer is no. We are paying less and less attention to our mind and spirit because we are becoming more material oriented. Therefore, we are losing these capabilities.

We must get back to basics. Christ did it, so why can’t we?

The Mystic