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Appointment of Saboto a good move



Editor: I sat and listened to the last meeting of Parliament which was held on the 27th March, 2008. I found it quite interesting, but I was disappointed that the opposition NDP was not there. Prime Minister Gonsalves gave the impression that he is functioning as usual with the allegations. He is not at his best, but its good to see when the NDP is having a beach splash, our Prime Minister is putting things in place to help poor people make ends meet – “Good thinking, Dr!”{{more}}

The appointment of Saboto Caesar is a good choice. I think this country will be better served with the appointment of Mr. Caesar. I am disappointed that former Senator Marks was removed; it should have been Senator Williams, who I don’t think has a political career in West St. George. I found it strange when Prime Minister Gonsalves said that former Senator Marks will be back after the next election. I am wondering if Minister Miguel was informed before our Prime Minister made that statement in Parliament. I observed that when the PM made that statement, Minister Miguel got up and went and sat with the G.H.S. Young Leaders. My advice to Minister Miguel – start making preparations to leave before the ULP asks you to go.

It was said that after Minister Walters spoke on the issues that surrounded him, it appeared that it was time for him to go. Persons in West St. George said time and time again that Minister Browne failed and it’s time for him to go. He said it’s health reasons why he is leaving…good excuse! The person who should replace him is Mrs. N. Evans. She has what it takes. It’s time for us to be given quality representation.

It was said by Senator Williams that if the ULP is to stand any chance of winning the next elections, they have to come with youths. Am I hearing Senator Williams, it’s time for fresh faces like C. Gonsalves, Senator Forde, Bernard Joseph, Senator Caesar, R. Marks and H. King? A bird whispered to me saying that Minister Glen Beache is considering not running back. Is that why the Prime Minister removed Youth and Sports from him? For a young man, I think he is a failure. Thumbs up, PM. I support you with this one. I notice our PM gave Senator Francis more assignments. The question is why? Persons in East Kingstown say NO to Senator Francis. Why does Prime Minister Gonsalves keep forcing him on us? Persons in the ULP keep saying Minister Miguel, Walters, Burgin, Browne and Sayers should go. What’s so special about Senator Francis? Some say he’s a hard worker…


Minister Straker has had a change of mind. Is it because the Prime Minister is having some problems? Or is it about prime minister-ship? Senator Francis, you have a long time to wait. First, you have to win a seat and that’s not likely. Remember Minister Baptiste has the ability. You don’t have to agree with me Senator Francis, but she should be given a chance.

Stop making it difficult for her. Keep preparing for fresh elections, Dr. Gonsalves. I might catch a ride with the ULP train before it sinks.

Kingsley DeFreitas