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March 13th Editorial on the ball



Editor: I salute you for another piece of constructive editorial in your issue of March 13th. The Editorial titled ‘the National Heroes Debate’ pointed rightly to questionable criterion of ‘physical and political battles’ for the installation of a person as a National hero.{{more}}

I endorse the rhetorical questions in your editorial which are as follows:

Are those the only basis on which we must award the National Heroes Designation? Are those who make sterling and sometimes heroic contributions in the social field not worthy of such honour?

With respect to the aforementioned question, I would like to know what criteria would obtain for those persons who made invaluable contributions in the social scheme of things.

You were also right when you made reference to the narrowing of the debate on a partisan basis. I declare that we as a developing nation need to get out of this myopia.

Unfortunately, though, generations of Vincentians have been socialized into believing that politicians are the foremost nation builders. This view needs to be examined seriously. Of course, there’s a cadre of politicians, both present and past, who have made an indelible mark on the social and economic upliftment of this nation.

However, there is a plethora of outstanding Vincentians at the community level who have impacted significantly on the lives of their fellowmen and by so doing should in the future be accorded National Heroes status.

So, Madam Editor, I think you were very objective in your analysis, hence my reason for penning my compliment.

In conclusion, I indefatigably take time out to write articles about outstanding Vincentians. I hope these articles will serve as a precursor for the recognition of those persons who are worthy of National Heroes Status.

Patmos Richards