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Neglecting small things a big mistake



Editor: Many times we neglect the small things which look insignificant, but which can later turn out to be a mistake.{{more}}

In 2000 there was a disaster at Rose Bank Bay when all the houses there were destroyed. The residents were given replacement lands at Petit Bordel. To date deeds were never issued to most of the displaced families. This may seem insignificant, since they can occupy the lands. However, with no deed issued it can pose a problem. It is important that the relevant Ministry acts swiftly to deal with this issue. For neglecting this small thing can be a mistake.

There are far too many large holes in some areas of the Leeward Highway. I had previously written about it. In a few areas something was done. But these remaining pot holes are getting wider and wider.

I recommend that some patching be done. Some holes can be filled with some materials until whenever it is possible to do a major work on the road. Neglecting the small things can lead to more difficulty later on.

Thanks, and let’s hope that the many small things that are neglected will be dealt with so as to avoid it becoming major.

Kennard King