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by Sydney Kerton Morgan 07.MAR.08

Life’s journey is not an easy one.
The road is long and winding.
From time to time you’ll be confronted,
With obstacles at every turning.
Whate’er the obstacle might be,
Just stand up strong and face it.{{more}}

Don’t you run away and hide,
Or you might live to regret it.
Success does not come by sitting idly by,
Waiting for someone to bring it to you.
You must make that first move towards success,
Because it will now make that first move towards you.

So get up and start your journey,
Work hard and don’t be deceived.
For it’s only with hard work and dedication,
Success, you will receive.
To reach the end of your journey,
You must keep making those forward steps.

And with each forward step you take,
It will draw you closer yet.
So press on my friend to the very end,
You won’t ever regret it.
If your goals you want to achieve,
You must never quit.