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A big miscalculation by Opposition NDP



EDITOR: The opposition NDP has no credible leadership. Neither Mr. Eustace nor his core leadership has any proper sense of political direction. They are led at the nose by loud-mouth and unthinking activists on NDP-FM.{{more}} Recently, a bunch of lawyers joined these political partisans by putting the NDP leadership on a leash. In fact, the tail has been wagging the NDP dog. As a result, they have miscalculated badly, from a political standpoint, the effect of the recent allegations against the Prime Minister.

So, while the NDP has stumbled as evidenced by the very low turn-out, below 100 persons, at their recent rallies at Democrat House and at Hollywood in Sharpes, contrast this with the reported huge attendance at the ULP’s recent National Council meeting at Peace Memorial Hall and the very massive rally last Sunday at Unity Square, estimated at about 12,000 persons.

Throughout this entire sad episode of the allegations against the Prime Minister, two things stand out. First, Ralph Gonsalves is a strong, determined and focused leader, while Arnhim Eustace is politically weak and inept. Secondly, the ULP is deeply grounded in the people, while the NDP is isolating itself more and more in a small echo chamber.

In cricketing terms, the NDP is out, hit wicket.

Robert Murphy