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The tapes and the case against the PM



Editor: SVG’s self-righteous and self-appointed snoop, Frank Da Silva, has been playing taped conversations between the now famous police officer and her mother/uncle, on the one hand, and her police superiors on the other.{{more}}

When the female police officer’s four lawyers held their press conference, they spoke about “evidence” on tapes to support their case against the Prime Minister. It has turned out that this so-called “evidence” is nightly being broadcast on radio by Frank Da Silva for obvious political purposes. Clearly, this cannot be the evidence for the court cases, civil or criminal; if the tapes held admissible evidence it would be a contempt of court, punishable by imprisonment, to broadcast them before they are presented in the Law Courts. The only conclusion, therefore, is that the four lawyers knew that they had nothing on those tapes which were legally admissible as evidence, yet they wrongly gave the impression that they had something of real legal consequence.

All these machinations confirm the widely-accepted view that the allegations against the Prime Minister and the continued persecution of him is nothing but a political witch-hunt to chase him from office and to destroy him. The thirst for revenge against Ralph in the breasts of some runs so deep that, in the sentiment of Bayliss Frederick (father of the NDP’s Public Relations Officer), they even want to see him dead, by suicide. Some may wish to see him dead by any other means.

Does anyone doubt that there is a conspiracy afoot when a female police officer can tape the Commissioner of Police and a Superintendent of Police, without their knowledge or permission? What a tangled web these people weave in order to deceive.

Yet these self-same people are so holier-than-thou, so wedded theoretically to high principle. They care not of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, its people or its progress. They deserve the people’s contempt.

Sandra Bullock