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Prime Minister – You are only human!



EDITOR: I want to apologize on behalf of the Executive of the Teachers’ Union to create this embarrassment to them for being used as tools by others in this sad state of affairs. This is backwardness in the highest order.{{more}}

If the Executive has concerns in respect of the reclassification exercise, why they could not have waited until the PM returned to the state, written or seen him to address their concerns. Man, this is elementary, and I am ashamed, as a Vincentian, of this foolishness. I cannot see why Intellectuals could be so naïve as Teachers.

PM, I understand your hurt, pain and your disappointment with the Executive of the Teachers’ Union, but alas, again, these people were advised badly, giving the impression that Teachers would have been at an advantage- advantage in terms of salary enhancement. Mr. Prime Minister, don’t worry too much, don’t get side tracked. This is what the Opposition wants you to do. When things like this happen, you count from one to ten and count again. Don’t ever believe that it would be smooth sailing. The good thing about it is that what you have done is to try to give them more money and they are the ones who are saying that it is not enough. Do you think that the NDP Government would have given them anything with regards to their salary? Think again. And the thing about it is that the Teachers know that you know. So, please, Mr. PM, just continue to do your work for this country.

I would not like this country to become worse than Haiti, Sometimes, ungratefulness is like witchcraft. You know why today several Teachers would have collected their University Certificate, compliments this Government, and others are attending Universities throughout the Caribbean and further afield, more children have access to Secondary education, the Argyle International Airport, the Cross Country Road, the successful negotiation of the Ottley Hall debt forgiveness and lots more too numerous to mention.

Do you think the Opposition will keep still? Notwithstanding there are a few haunted men for whatever reason in the likes of Junior Baachus, Matthews, Frank Da Silva and others who would go to the length of this country to malign, create strife, create division to carry on their dirty work to see if they could mash up this country. They would not succeed, try as they may. If it left to them alone, this country would be relegated back into the dark days, where investors would not even have a second look at this country; you would not be able to acquire lands for development, no Airport and so on.

These people have bad mind. They ‘anti’ everything. They don’t have an opinion of their own, but yet they criticize everything. If they are so influential, how is it that they cannot woo investors to SVG? Or create some major employment for Vincentians, how come? I finally pray that the Good Lord re-kindles in you the strength and long lasting health to continue to work for all Vincentians in their trying times. You know we do not have wealth and natural resources to provide for the citizens of this country, and when all is said and done, the NDP cannot assist to make a difference in this country. That’s why I say, you are only human.

Randolph Peters