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Teach children the Power of the mind



Editor: Development of a country is usually measured by the economic and social standard of the country. I, however, measure development based on the level of development of the mind of the people. If you examine them, it is obvious that they are closely related.{{more}}

Most persons fail to appreciate the power of the mind. The mind is a very powerful tool, and I use the word tool because it is something to be used in designing and creating a more fulfilling life. Many great athletes have come to recognize the power of the mind and have taken their game to a completely different level. Mind training is even more important than the physical training. In fact, it has been shown that you can run a race in your mind and the muscle activity is the same as if you had actually run on the field. Today, persons are claiming that they have lost weight by exercising through the mind.

In the Bible, after receiving the teachings from Jesus Christ, Peter got up and walked on water.

The point is that you have to believe in the power of the mind, and this is the power of God. You have to use this power and believe in it. A strong belief is faith. We have to teach our children the power of their minds from a young age. It is only then they can soar like eagles with their wings unclipped.

The Mystic