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Stop smearing the name of SVG!



EDITOR: Greetings from the Battering Ram in beautiful BARBADOS. When I listen to the various call in programmes and talk show hosts who say that they are not interested in politics but only in the truth, I wonder who they think that they are fooling.{{more}}

Any blind man can see that they all have a hidden agenda. They want to bring down the government by any means possible. I am appealing to you all to let the law take its course. For no one is above the law. You must stop judging the case on the radio and in the newspapers. You all, by your constant one line programme about rape, rape, rape, are giving the whole world the impression that St. Vincent and trhe Grenadines is a country that is full of rapists.

Are there not other things that are happening in the country that you all can talk about? Stop painting St. Vincent and trhe Grenadines black all over the world, just because you want to get back in power.

I repeat, let the law take its course. You have four very good lawyers on the case, and the civil case for assault and compensation is still to come. The DPP can’t stop that. Thank GOD. My humble opinion is that the lawyers made a terrible mistake in going after the criminal charge of rape first instead of the civil case of indecent assault and compensation. The rape charge could have come some time later – even years after. But you blew it. The talk hosts and the Opposition saw what they thought was on opportunity to get rid of the government and they moved too fast.

If this case dies a natural death, the persons to blame are not the police nor the LAWS of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but the Opposition talk hosts and the callers from both political parties. In the USA, murders, robberies and rapes are committed every hour.

In Kenya, in Africa, after the election of December 27th last year, there were 135 rapes and assaults against women reported in the first three weeks after the election. One of the victims was two years old. One of the victims, who was only ten years old, had her cervix removed while being raped by four men. One woman was raped by four men in the presence of her four-year-old son.

No, I am not heartless, because I have three beautiful daughters, sisters and nieces, and I am a Christian.

I just want you all to realise that St. Vincent and trhe Grenadines is not the rape capital of the world. Start speaking about the positive, beautiful things about SVG and let the law take its course. Stop pushing your hidden agenda and give Vincentians the truth.

With much love as always.

The Battering Ram