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Shame on you, Bayliss!



EDITOR: The utterances of lawyer Bayliss Frederick, the father of Vynette Frederick, who is the Public Relations Officer of the New Democratic Party, speaks volumes of the politics of bitterness and hate that has enveloped our country.{{more}} Mr. Frederick is an experienced lawyer who knows that a man is innocent until proven guilty, yet his hate for the Prime Minister yanked open his mouth to show how he is thinking.

According to Bayliss, the police are going to arrest the PM – he must resign or commit suicide. Then WE can put in place certain provisions. Who is the WE, Bayliss? No wonder Mr. Eustace and the NDP distanced themselves from your stupidity. However, the fact that you choose the NDP programme on which to make your comments is evidence on which side you are and for whom you speak. Clearly, you should know better, but the bitterness and hate came spilling out before you knew it.

Do the honourable thing, Bayliss. Call in and retract your nasty words. As you see, your friends baled out on you. Where is the sense of decency that the legal profession taught you? Or, is it that you are so stuffed with venom that you want the Prime Minister dead?

Well, Bayliss, Mr. Gonsalves, like many of us, is not a perfect man, but in terms of brilliance and leadership ability, neither you nor Mr. Eustace can match him. His death will be a great loss to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Thomas Burke