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Seven years in power and still blaming NDP



EDITOR: The ULP has been in power for seven years, and we continue to hear what NDP “did or didn’t do”, as though they (the ULP) did not expect to have to do anything. I hope they realize that seven years are almost half of seventeen, and not even the Windward Highway they are able to complete in those 7 years.{{more}}

The question is, why are things now harder under the ULP? In every session of Parliament since 2001, the answer to every question posed by the Opposition is lost in a preamble, so much so, you are not even certain what the answer is.

The obvious assessment of this Government is that it had never come to grips with the task of continuing to build the country. The Ministers, with a full term and two years into a second tenure, should be experienced and equipped to efficiently run their Ministries. However, the leadership of the Government practices a culture of interference which signifies a lack of confidence in the Ministers. We must, therefore, question whether this administration is serious about the affairs of this country or are they putting personal interests first.

When I think of the Government of SVG, it reminds me of a school yard bully. He would create mischief, and when caught, blame it on the student sitting closest to him. This administration has imposed its will on the people, and acts as though it is not answerable to anyone. It has never given in to anything, no matter how it affects the citizens of this country. The Party is always placed before the people. The ULP must take full responsibility for the difficulties the country is facing. The country is experiencing the fruits of the backward policies endemic in the ULP. With all its promises of transparency and open government, this has proven to be an administration clothed in mystery, and personified by red shirt brotherhood, where it looks after its own, from the blood, sweat and tears of the citizens of this country. Their legacy would be remembered for having anti-Midas touch.

Don’t blame me

Every man in the ULP is a specialist in deflecting blame from the ULP. They blame everybody else, especially the NDP for their failures. But let us look at the list – the demise of the Banana Industry and the Offshore Sector – the decline in Tourism – the one billion dollars national debt- the release of a drug dealer – a Minister standing bail for a drug man – the collapse of the Call Centre – the middle finger fiasco – the poor implementation of VAT, causing a steep rise in the cost of living, due to the Government’s greed – the inefficient operation of VINLEC – the demise of the Arrowroot Industry – the record increase in serious crimes – the transformation of Kingstown into a slum – the general break down of moral values – the senseless spending of the country’s tax dollars on projects where no sustainable profits can be derived – the distain with which citizens are treated when they differ or criticize – the raping of the Treasury to pay Party supporters – the alleged rape of a police woman.

The gift of the gab or charisma is an artificial way to measure good leadership in challenging modern times. Many countries are making decisions that are beneficial to all their peoples, but we here in SVG seem to be satisfied with pretty talk which is so empty and so repetitive. A good leader should make decisions that would potentially benefit his people without exception. The people of SVG have tried the leadership of the feisty character from the north for the past seven years with little success. In his tenure thus far, he has passed several oppressive laws, increased taxes (often sneakily) and imposed himself on the media. It’s time for SVG to turn to a leader who is capable of running a small island state economy; a leader who is respected for his moral values and who we can trust with the care of our children; a leader who says what he means and means what he says; someone who listens and is fair. Arnhim Ulric Eustace is that leader. He is a man of integrity, democratic principles and has the country’s welfare at heart. He does not believe in tricking the nation.

At a time in our country’s history when the integrity of our leaders is questioned, we the people must embrace our democratic responsibility to speak out and exercise our democratic and constitutional right to identify what is right and act accordingly. The old adage “all that glitters is not gold” holds true. We need to remind ourselves that things were much better before 2001 than they are now. We could change the things which affect us adversely. These days there is so much anger, hurt, fear, disappointment and simply “don’t care”. People are fed up of the pressure pot we now live in. Let us all stand up for change. Forget the talkers of good and follow the doers of good. The time is right for the cleansing of SVG. Some of the things we are now experiencing we used to hear about them happening in other countries. Let us join together and make a change.

Bryan Alexander