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Our education system



Editor: It is evident that our education system has been molded to produce academics. As we produce more and more, we would contribute more to the development of other countries rather than our own.{{more}}

This education system is not placing enough emphasis on sports and music. Just as we are committed to developing a serious curriculum for Math and English, so should we also be serious about these. It is not just about physical education, but about sports. Children must be given as many opportunities and options as possible in life. On the other hand, how can we really be serious about sports with many of our best facilities locked up?

My suggestion is that we take an inventory of persons capable of teaching music and sporting disciplines. Those that are interested in teaching on a part time basis can then be assigned to schools. I would like to see the Taiwanese Mission make a contribution of musical instruments and sporting gear to schools rather than more police motorbikes. In addition, I would be grateful if someone can donate some audio visual equipment to the schools to assist in the training of our children. I still cannot see how schools are still being built without training rooms. The children, not the retired ones, are the future of the country.

Finally, I do believe that motivational and spiritual development speeches to our children should become a regular feature in schools. I do hope that teaching spiritual development is not taken as simply teaching Christianity but the development of the inner part of the individual. Getting our children to understand and utilize the power of the mind is more important than the very Math and English.

The Mystic