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Mr. Clean, retract the statement!



Editor: The Leader of the Opposition sent out a press release last week, which contained a statement that was quoted widely in the local and regional media, including the front page of one of our weekly newspapers.{{more}}

That statement said: “The Chief Magistrate, having reviewed the matter, thought that there was sufficient evidence to bring a charge against the Prime Minister and did summon him to answer to that charge.”

That statement is incorrect. The Chief Magistrate did not review any evidence, nor was she required to. At that stage, she was not called upon to adjudicate on the merits of any evidence. All she was required to do was take a sworn statement.

The Leader of the Opposition has been advised of his error, yet he refuses to retract his statement. I call upon Mr. Clean, the honourable man that he is, to say that he was wrong and that the Chief Magistrate did not make any judgment on the sufficiency of evidence against the Prime Minister.

Law student