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Victimization in the Education Revolution?



Editor: Sometimes one wonders how the Ministry of Education functions. In an Education Revolution where the focus should be on the development of the students, it seems that the Ministry of Education has different thoughts for New Grounds Primary School.{{more}}

For example, at the end of last school year, three teachers were transferred from the New Grounds Primary School. Early this school year another teacher was transferred. One teacher was sent to the school during the 1st term. However, the teacher was transferred few weeks ago to a secondary school; another teacher is targeted to be transferred again. Why the Chief /P S doing this to New Grounds Primary School? This is disrupting the students’ and the school’s programmes. What happened to Article 25-2 of the Teachers’ Union Collective Agreement?

Transferring so many teachers from one school, leaving one teacher per class means that teachers may unable to leave their classroom to participate in activities organized by the Ministry of Education. Will it not affect the students? Can you imagine 2 or 3 teachers leaving the school for two days? Some classes have over thirty students.

Can you envisage the chaos? This will be absolutely stressful for the other teachers and the Principal.

If teachers are being transferred similarly in other schools, you can question the impact on reading and other subject areas in the education system. Since the Prime Minister is spending thousands of tax payers’ money on the Education Revolution, it is proper for all students to benefit. Our students at New Grounds Primary School need more teachers.

Transferring teachers in this manner may cause some teachers to leave the teaching profession after 30 years of service, loosing their gratuity and pensions. I am asking the Chief / PS to reconsider some of these transfers. Do not be a contributing factor to brain drain.

A Concerned Parent