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NDP scraping the bottom of the barrel



EDITOR: On Friday, February 1, 2008, I was listening to “NICE RADIO” and heard Edwardo Lynch on the NDP’s “New Times” Programme discussing with the lawyer, Mr. Bayliss Frederick, the two private criminal complaints against the Prime Minister filed by the lawyers for the female Police Officer the very day before.{{more}}

Two things struck me: First, Mr. Fredericks was proclaiming the Prime Minister’s guilt based on evidence of which Mr. Frederick apparently had knowledge. Secondly, Mr. Frederick gave the matter a clear opposition political motive by asserting that if the Prime Minister resigned, “we can put in place certain actions as to prevent the girl from pursuing her report”. I remind everyone that Mr. Frederick is a sworn political enemy of the Prime Minister and is the father of the NDP’s Public Relations Officer, Ms. Vynnette Frederick.

I taped the Lynch – Frederick discussion. The relevant part of the Mr. Fredericks’ comment is as follows:

“Now it will shock the accused man (meaning the Prime Minister) to know that the evidence that the Police has is what forced me to call Mr. Campbell, Parnell Campbell, and told him that they are going to arrest the Prime Minister and the best thing if he could do, is to advise him to either commit suicide or resign. If he resigns, then we can put in place certain provision, certain actions as to prevent the girl [meaning the female SSU Officer} from pursuing her report. That is if he resigns.”

The Prime Minister is quite correct. There is a conspiracy afoot which is seeking to remove him from office. The way the opposition NDP and their supporters and sympathisers, including some lawyers, are targeting the Prime Minister is unacceptable. It is beyond the pale. This surely is a scraping of the bottom of the barrel.

Mr. Frederick spoke knowingly about allegedly incriminating evidence in the hands of the Police against the Prime Minister. But as the nation knows, the Commissioner of Police had written the complainant’s lawyers on February 31, 2008, that the Police had investigated the matter and found that the Prime Minister was not guilty of any wrong doing.

By the way, I am a swing voter. I voted for the ULP in 2001 and abstained in 2005 because I could not bring myself to vote for Conrad Sayers or St. Clair Leacock. But this nasty opposition politics is sickening me.

Sincerely yours,

Dexter Bowens