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Congratulations to members of Course B



Editor: Hello, Members of Course B. Let me take this wonderful opportunity in congratulating you on 20 hard, but I hope and believe, rewarding years. Having trained with you in Barbados and remembering those days, has created a bond, though I am far away, yet always close.{{more}}

I know the force locally and for my other colleagues in the varying countries, their forces also are a unit, so, with you all serving, I am assured and feel very safe with you and the other officers with the training, discipline and focus that you have exhibited; no doubt our communities would be better.

I am, therefore, very proud to know that you are still holding the reins, and someday you will rest from all of the hard work that you’ve put in for the last twenty years. God bless you, and hope you continue to serve with God’s guidance and strength.

EX 493 Lennox R. Prescott