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Parents need to train their children in the right way



Children – respect, honour and obey your parents

EDITOR: When a child at a very tender age begins to rebel against his parents (those in whose care Yahweh the Creator entrusted him or her), there is no way in which the law of the land could restrain him.{{more}}

When a child has no regard, no respect, no natural affections towards his parents, he would have no regard, no respect, no natural affections for those in authority (teachers, nurses, policemen, preachers, those of his own sex or size etc). Yahweh the Creator has given the command to children to honour their father and mother that their days may be long.

Yahweh knows the importance of this command. We can and do experience the breakdown in society- no love, no respect, no subjection and submission to parental authority, which all lead to the swift depravity of the citizens of our state.

Scriptures show the extent to which Yahweh hates stubborn, rebellious and ungrateful children. There are many scriptures that show that children were and will be destroyed when the wrath of God is poured out upon the wicked. Yahweh knows how lightly some children regarded parental authority, that is why the penalty for such children was death. Deut. 20:12-21, Exo 21:15, Lev 20:9. One might say, “this is a hard thing, me one child, who is me hand and me foot”; what kind of God puts children to death; what kind of parent would take their child to the higher authority to receive such a penalty? I would say a God who loves us and wants to rid society of evil (rebellious and stubborn children. “For they which remain shall hear, and fear, and shall henceforth commit no more any such evil… and thine eyes shall not pity him.”

Parents are too sympathetic with rebellious children. They spoil their children by not using the rod of correction and administering the proper punishment for the crime- “Quid pro-quo” (so much for so much). They think they know a better way of training their children than what God has given in His word. They foster wrong tendencies in them, urging as an excuse, “They are too young to be punished. Wait till they become older, and can be reasoned with”. Thus wrong habits are left to strengthen until they become second nature and the child becomes a curse to society.

“Children, obey your parents in the lord for this is right.” Children who dishonor and disobey their parents and disregard their advice and instruction can have no part in the earth made new. The purified new earth will be no place for the rebellious, the disobedient, the ungrateful son or daughter. Unless such learn obedience and submission here they will never learn it.” They could never be of benefit to society for they are the ones who will not be restrained, no matter what; they are the ones who will not think twice in murdering another, in breaking into your private property. They are the ones who will make your village, community, country a fearful one.

May God help us parents to realize the responsibility resting upon us in forming the character of our children and the young to see also the importance of obeying, respecting and honouring their parents, for this is right.

Karima Brereton