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Time for elections


by Sports Administrator, 18 JAN.08

Please permit me a space in your weekly newspaper to air my views as it relates to the National Olympic Committee. I have read an article with similar views and since it appears to have fallen on deaf ears, I think I should add my few cents.{{more}}

As we all know, the NOC is entering it ninth year in office on a four year term. Instead of talking elections, they are talking Triple Anniversary Diner. Doing everything in their efforts to travel to Beijing for the Olympics before a new executive is in place, and yet we hear nothing about this on the pull down radio station all because they are all birds of a feather.

Some of the members of the NOC are persons who have retired from administration of the sport they were affiliated with, and they jump on the NOC so that they could travel the world over and at the same time affect other person’s lives in a negative way.

Even if they are weak and frail, you would still see them catching a plane to go to some big game or meeting. (I think the NOC should set up a hall of fame for traveling!)

It is time for elections. It is time for others to be given a chance to make their contribution to the development of sports from an Olympic Committee’s stand point; especially those who are from the Olympic sports.

No non-olympic committee member should be at the helm of the NOC. It is definitely time for elections before we see another family going to China.