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What is your New Year’s resolution?



Editor: During recent days, I have been asked the most popular question of the season: “What is your New Year’s resolution?” This is a somewhat surprising question to me, since I am confirmed to embracing life one day at a time, and believe that happiness lies in being the real you.{{more}}

You become comfortable in your aloneness by removing the psychological bandages, thus allowing you the freedom and confidence to embrace this beautiful world in which we live. However, it must be realized that “to gain the world and lose one’s soul” is totally against the principles

of my Christian teachings and traditional roots. Furthermore, the blueprints to that which are to be followed were already exemplified through the Biblical story of the Messiah over 2000 years ago.

To resolve is to declare a commitment, balancing a designated prototype of that which may be deemed socially acceptable within the framework of the commandments as has been preset for us, handed down from past generations. While one resolves to adhere to the best of that which have been established, one must also be aware of and guided by a changing society. However, this cannot be done at any cost, as the challenges in protecting one’s soul may at times take precedence.

Thereby lays the reason to ensure a level of comfort in your aloneness as accomplished through your deep-rooted faith.

In recent years, one of our SVG Toronto associations has repeatedly used the word “oneness” as the integral part of their theme. How impressive it seemed “a people of oneness” but the real question is: Where do we begin in becoming that people? What are the required challenges to becoming “a people of oneness”? Should there be a requirement to first respecting each others individuality? To grasp the understanding that we are each unique individuals with unique gifts and talents, so dynamic that if and when combined productively can build empires?

Well, as the saying goes “words are cheap” and the discipline in overcoming challenges calls for persistence, a critical characteristic necessary to becoming comfortable in one’s aloneness, and in maintaining the role of advocacy.

For 2008, God willing, “I resolve to continue being me”.

I extend to you “My People”, blessings of love, peace, prosperity and a safe 2008.

Elma Gabriel
Community Advocate