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Who’s to blame for high cost of living?



Editor: This year 2007 is quite fascinating and alarming. Sometimes I wonder why life has to be so difficult at times. Everyone will tell you the events of this year were up and down. We have our problems with the economy, crime, tourism, health care, unemployment, poverty, agriculture and its all development.{{more}} Why? Is it global? Some will say it’s right here because we were promised improvement by the Unity Labour Party (ULP). Did that improvement take place?

The Prime Minister and his ULP supporters will say yes and Mr. Eustace and his NDP supporters will say no. I will say yes but not robust. I think it was moderate. The poor people of this country are finding it hard to make ends meet, and one needs to spend time on the ground so that one will know what I am writing about. Things real hard!

Electricity too high, VAT and its inflation, services too expensive and cost living is just too high. Who to blame? Is it our forefathers or our modern day politicians, or are we just too damn backward? Imagine we have education revolution, robust growth, a strong economy, according to our Prime Minister, housing boom, reclassification, increased salaries yet things are still so bad. I am wondering who is fooling whom! It’s good that I am not a politician or I might have blamed Ralph. But on the other hand, some will say blame him, remember he is the Doc and has the answer for everything.

Remember, Sir, you often say turn setbacks into opportunities. We need a miracle, but things might improve. We only have to keep trying. Don’t give up Dr, we are behind you. Remember vision now…together now.

All the best to the management and staff of this newspaper and its readers. Thank you for entertaining my thoughts. Many thanks to the editor and you will hear from me next year.

Kingsley DeFreitas