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SVG women must not lose their self respect



Editor: It is a great opportunity getting the news online, seeing that I’m currently residing in Canada and only can know about my country from the newspaper or online radio.

Anyway, I am deeply disturbed at this week’s front page news – Pasa Pasa in SVG, with nude girls splashing on the front page. What is our country coming to? I know things have to change, but not this kind of change.{{more}}

Where have the morals gone in our young girls? No principle. What am I going to tell the kids here that I work with? That this is what my country is, while I am here painting a perfect picture about the country I grew up in and love?

It just breaks my heart today to see such nudity on the front page of the newspaper. No decency, no morals. I work with people who are from different backgrounds, and they try to instill morals in their kids. One got killed this week just for simply not wearing the hijab (a head scarf), and our youth are walking naked?

Where are the parents of these girls? Please, there must be a change. I heard someone say we are becoming more like America, but I live up here and if this is what our nation is adopting, then so be it.

May God have mercy on the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Vincentian Overseas