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Still disappointed at Technical graduation



Editor: I attended St Vincent Technical College Graduation Ceremony on Thursday, December 6, 2007, and was greatly disappointed. Your newspaper carried an article on it also.

My daughter was in the graduating class of 2006, YES only now, and there was nothing appropriate for that class.{{more}}

The feeling in the air was this class was not appreciated, as there was no special prize for Outstanding student for any of the different courses such as Business Administration, Building Construction, Electrical Installation, Electronic Maintenance and Repair, Hospitality, Mechanical Technology and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. There was no Spirit of College or even Student of the Year.

Parents of Class 2006 were seen shaking their head with disappointment. I am sure I speak for most if not ALL of the parents. We have struggled and even scarified to send out children to college, and this was the treatment they got. I call on Mr. Mapp, who I know does not believe in Graduation, for a public apology to Class of 2006.

Thank you,

Francillia Oliver