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What are Eustace and the NDP really bitter about?



Editor: What are Mr. Eustace and the NDP really bitter about? They are bitter about the relationship between the Trade Unions and the present government. They must realize that they neglected promoting positive relationships with trade unions in this country. He, as prime minister, refused to offer a salary increase to public servants, saying that money does not grow on trees.{{more}} (Who were you representing when you were president of the PSU? )

We proposed 30%, but struggled to get 12 % over 4 years. Is that why you believed we cannot negotiate? Things have changed now. We asked for 15% for 2 years, we got 10% without struggling. That’s good negotiation. Are you bitter because the unions ensure their members benefit, therefore, having no need to strike? Why don’t you and Mr. Leacock stop fooling yourselves and some of your backward supporters?

Firstly, the 20% of the teachers that are red circled are not necessarily members of SVGTU; neither are they out of the 10% salary increases for this year and next year (5% yearly). You stated that those teachers who are red circled will not receive the 5% increase for next year. How can you as former Prime Minister utter such rubbish? Are you unaware that salary increases given to civil servants are given across the board regardless of your position? If not, those who begin in the service now will eventually receive a higher salary than those red circled. It appears that neither you nor Mr. Leacock has a clue about reclassification. Reclassification is not necessarily a salary increase. Your salary being red circled is not frozen. How many workers benefited from the reclassification conducted in the 1980s under NDP?

Secondly, only you and probably your supporters don’t know the bonus is non taxable but the salary is. Are you bitter that workers are receiving a bonus from 2001 to now? Yet you are saying the economy is not doing well?

Since you think that the unions are not representing their members, why not turn your party into a trade union to represent your supporters in the civil and teaching services?

A Teacher