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Should Parliament be like a crossfire?



Editor: Since the Unity Labour Party (ULP) formed Government in this country, we are being made aware of the importance of parliament and I look forward with great interest to sittings of the House.{{more}}

Most of the time I pay special attention to the Hon. Hendrick Alexander, who is the Speaker of the House of Assembly. In my opinion, he tries his best to carry out the function of the House, but sometimes I wonder if he is really in charge. Some elected members try to overrule him. That’s not nice.

I agree that the Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is the leader of the house, but it’s time that he remembers that the Speaker is responsible for the functioning of the House of Assembly.

The last sitting of Parliament was quite interesting. Did I hear Prime Minister Gonsalves saying to the Speaker you can’t stop me as Leader of the House from speaking? If this is what I heard, I was surprised. When the Speaker took some time off in the afternoon of the last sitting, was it a quiet way of saying to our Prime Minister that he was upset? I often wonder if the Speaker takes time off to reflect on what took place in Parliament.

We were promised transparency, accountability and good governance. I’m not sure if we are getting that from the ULP. It’s all about insults, who is better than whom and which party comes out on top. There are only two members of parliament on the government side who don’t get involve in what the Prime Minister calls side shows; they are Ministers Miguel and Baptiste.

It’s time for Members of Parliament to lift their standard of debate in Parliament. That’s what we expect from them. Let’s start with our Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves. I am fed up of hearing who stoned church, and who can’t win a seat as long I am Prime Minister, Ottley Hall and the bad hand you got. Prime Minister, you are the one who always says we should forget side shows. It’s time for you to deal with the main event. Remember, it’s all about SVG and not about ULP. Leave this kind of politics for when elections are called, which ULP will find difficult to win.

Mr. Gonsalves, if the ULP wants to be in with a fighting chance, I am expecting Minister Browne, Sayers, Walters and Thompson not to be candidates the next time around.

All the best for your Budget presentation 2007/ 2008.

Kingsley Defreitas