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Responding to the NYC President



Editor: Mr. Johnson, the members of M-PESCO view your comments in the Searchlight Newspaper (page 35) of Friday, November 16, 2007, as an attempt to destroy and undermine their confidence.{{more}}

Just to refresh your memory, Mr. Johnson, M-PESCO is an affiliate to the NYC. Instead of congratulating the Organisation for its accomplishment, you chose to lament the process of selection, a process of which you said, your council refused to be a part of.

You failed to mention that M-PESCO also received the same award in October 2003. Who nominated the organisation at that time, Mr. Johnson? Was it the NYC? Were you in agreement with the process at the time?

In the interest of nation building, Mr. Johnson, please take the NYC out of its dormancy. Help the youths of this nation to build confidence, so that thy can take up their rightful places in society.

Ray Laborde