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New Ground Primary School should feel education revolution



Editor: The New Ground Primary School (Union Methodist School) is in a deplorable condition. The Ministry of Education is conversant of the situation and does nothing to alleviate it. About two years ago the drainage was removed from the roof; some classrooms have unlocked doors; windows are without louvres, some teachers have no classroom cupboards.{{more}}

The conditions in Grade 6 are not conducive for learning. About sixty students have to be fighting for a stool, a kindergarten chair, or an old broken chair sent to the school since its inception in 1994. Students are restless and too much time is spent on class control. Students are complaining about backaches and one student was home for two weeks. What does the Ministry of Education expect from these teachers and students? Seating is a significant facet in the learning process!

Two years ago the Immediate Past Principal, sent a requisition list to the Ministry of Education asking for furniture. The list was sent again last school year; and an Education officer was sent to verify it. A parent volunteered to pick up some furniture for the school. The principal spoke with the Chief Education Officer, just before the driver left. He arrived at the Ministry of Education to find out that the Chief was not there and no instruction was left for him. Now in week eleven, four benches and desks were sent to the school.

Why is the New Ground Primary School being treated like this? Some years ago new computers sent to the school were replaced with old ones from Grammar School (only three working). The school was promised 30 of the Max computers; it received only two. Is it because the New Grounds School is a rural school with working class students? The Ministry Of Education needs to show some respect to the principal, staff, parents and students of New Grounds Primary School. Is this your concept of “Education Revolution?”

A Parent