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I’m trusting deeply in the immaculate heart of Mary



EDITOR: In the past year I have come to trust deeply in the immaculate heart of Mary.

I have been amazed at what could be achieved by undertaking my duties with dedication and trusting in Mary’s intercession to win God’s favor and guidance via Her spiritual Motherhood.{{more}} Under Her tutelage my prayer life has blossomed, my maturity has advanced and my intellect has been awakened. She has done and is doing great things for me.

To any student approaching any course of study with much trepidation especially the sciences I recommend Her to you as a Mother to whom you can turn when you feel like giving up. She will help you.

Mary is intimately entwined with the history of Christianity. She gave birth to Christ’s biological body, and She was involved in the birth of the Spiritual body of Christ, the Church. It was She who sat among the apostles on Pentecost day reassuring them, praying with them, sharing with them, mothering them (Acts 1:14). Christians need not fear Mary; She always points us to Jesus, as She did at the beginning of Jesus public ministry. There at the Wedding Feast of Cana with great faith and wisdom She said and continues to say, “do what ever He tells you” (Jn 2:5). Mary was present as our Lord hung on the cross when the Lord gave Her to St. John and St. John to Her (Jn19: 25-27). For 2000 years the Catholic Church has understood the giving of Mary to St. John as a giving of Mary to the whole Church. This giving of Mary also serves as yet another proof of Her virginity; it would not have happened, if She had other biological children.

With courage, faith, and great love Mary stood at the foot the cross and looked on at the brutality meted out to Her only Son, knowing as no one else could how good He was, and how undeserving He was of such an end. She did not however attempt to interfere with God’s will, or to express hatred for Her Son’s torturers.

Mary is the woman of whom Genesis prophesies; it is She and Her Seed who oppose the Serpent and his seed (Gen 3:15). She is the Woman clothed in the sun with a crown of twelve stars, whose Offspring the dragon would love to devour (Rev 12:1-6). Of all creatures it is She who is full of grace and highly favoured (Lk 1:42). It is the desire of the evil one to keep humanity from resorting to Her Motherhood. Draw close Mary for she is inseparable from “The Source”, Jesus.

As you trust in Her immaculate heart you will find that you grow more and more to adore most profoundly the sacred heart of Jesus. Immaculate heart of Mary I trust in you!