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This nation after twenty eight years



Editor: We are now twenty-eight (28yrs) old as a nation. As we look at ourselves as a nation after 28 years, there are many things we can be proud of which we have achieved and advanced in.{{more}}

Educationally, we have advanced much and become more literate. Economically, I am sure that we would agree that we are stronger, despite the high rise in cost of living. More persons are employed than before.

We have moved from thatch houses to very expensive wall houses. We have moved from firewood to stoves. Almost every home has television and also cables. Computer is now fast becoming a household item in this country. The cell phones are very popular, with almost every person owning a cell phone, and some having more than one.

There are not enough parking spaces in town to hold the number of vehicles. There are so many advancements that can be mentioned. However, as a nation, we have gone on a downward trend spiritually. We have more religions, but few righteous people. Doing wrong is not seen as a sin but a way of life. We pride ourselves of being so political that we have lost our sense of reasoning and fairness.

Don’t be fooled, no politician or political party has the answer to the decline in society. We have become an immoral society. Abortion, incest and many others sexual crimes are practiced freely amongst us.

So while we advance economically, we have declined spiritually. The answer to this nation and any other nation is found in the Bible, and a love and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t fool yourself, no matter how good a politician’s intention is, the social problems and break down in family values are indications that we are at the end of the church age. Therefore, I urge us all to get down on our knees and let the Lord fully control us. Or else this nation will continue to go down the drain. For righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any man.

Thank you.

Kennard King