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Is Jomo keeping secrets for Eustace?


Dr. Richard A.B. Cox 25.MAY.07

The Opposition vs. Government fracas over the “Grenadines dollar affair” and VAT are symptomatic of a problem most governments face, namely, financing public expenditure. With the Washington Consensus stipulating the state’s economic role as further enriching the haves, and, with Eustace and an intoxicated with Ralph-hate band as ever-ready-wound-up mechanical dolls dancing to this music, Ralph is caught between the Red Sea and the Pharaohs.{{more}} His Canaan would only be reached by circumventing these Washingtonian overlords while staving off their local marionettes, our house slaves (a la Maurice Bishop) and Eustace, guardian of the NDP financiers, both determined humbugs in his path.

You are right; “A good cut backside is tie out for me” from the NDP. But for the record, the ULP generally dislikes Richard Cox. No, I am not trying to lighten my sentence; rather, I have a country to protect, so patriotism is my motive, not political malice. Therefore a terrible lynching is but a small price when the unity and sovereignty of SVG is at stake.

Every time Ralph seeks resources for whatever, this less than perspicacious bunch in the NDP line up like a firing squad to murder him. We demand education, health, effective crime fighting and a million other things; all gratis. I know many in Ralph’s sycophantic entourage by delusion claim omnipotence and Solomonic wisdom for him. But fact is, as “perfect” as Ralph’s finger is, he is no Midas. And Eustace, the Adam Smith he is, knows this. He knows that Ralph could babble until he is blue, budget financing cannot be spoken into being. Why then demand that Ralph turn stone into bread? Probably Jomo Thomas knows the answer as his recent article on Eustace and the medical school dilemma hints.

Unlike Eustace, Leacock and Linton Lewis, I possess no degrees in economics or accounting. However common sense tells me it’s an illogic approaching unsurpassed absurdity to demand services from government while denying it all revenue. Ralph is sentenced to hang for maintaining a monopoly on sugar imports, the gains from which he uses to help banana farmers. He seeks Taiwanese’s assistance for social programmes and ends up parasitic, using them as a cash cow. Nothing must be accepted from “devilish” Fidel and “Satanic” Chavez. The introduction of VAT makes him a criminal and the tax on lottery winnings is draconian. Further, there are superrich backseat drivers instructing Eustace to demand reduced taxes for them from “communist Ralph.” Whatever he does to raise some revenue meets with an ever-pugnacious NDP response. This is opprobrious politics and an insult to our national intelligence.

We once had a mixed economy with a state and private sector. Granted not all state enterprises were properly ran, but this could have been addressed as was done with CWSA and VINLEC, asks Cummings. NDP sold everything profitable to their friends in the private sector and shut down the others with dire consequences for thousands. Consequent upon the same, unemployment increased while the government revenue base shrunk. Oh, and there is Ottley Hall. Yes, the NDP did help make this rumpled economic bed on which we lie and no amount of lynching will change facts!

Accounts do matter, but there is a fundamental difference in priority of a business enterprise and the running of a state. One is concerned primarily with profit, the other with betterment for its citizens. Can a price tag really be placed on the nation’s health, education and the like? It was common for James Mitchell to boast of budget surpluses while unemployment was rampant, Kingstown a mountain of garbage and Vincentians among the least paid in the OECS. The NDP financiers and balancing the ledgers were the priorities; ask the Orange Hill people. And from the “mouthings” of Arhnim, St. Clare and Linton, they can’t wait to introduce Eustanomics, the new and improved Mitchonomics. I can see it now: Eustace boasting of 10% growth, contented NDP financiers smiling, Rolla writing cheques on NCB, the house slaves rejoicing in hunger and the mass of Vincies little better off than Lazarus.

Of course Eustace will say that surrendering to the vultures in the private sector is the way of the world and SVG has no choice. Nonsense! For if there is no escaping this economic Stoicism, what difference it makes if we are subjected to “Gonzonomics” or Eustanomincs? But even if the NDP turns SVG into a “Petite putain” there will be no free lunch for us. No sir! This nation will have to undress at NDP’s Masters’ command. Yes, Jomo’s piece makes sense more and more, but we need more than a peep.

Government must be fair with its taxation policy I agree. But preaching foolish unpatriotic economics that would certainly destroy SVG, but not necessarily bring down the ULP is dangerous politics. This unpatriotic foolish economics led to the Ottley Hall cesspit, gave away the best real estate in the world, making us virtual foreigners in the Grenadines, granted open licenses to steal to the Sherlocks in the private sector. It facilitated offshore embezzlers and money launders who virtually ran this country. It sold our passports to crooks, proposed the giveaway of the Tobago Cays and has thousands living hand to mouth. Yes, if allowed, it will destroy this country.

This foolish unpatriotic economics driven by dangerous party politics now threatens to dismember the state. Some, desperate for Ralph’s blood, consciously and deliberately seek to use the “Grenadines Dollar Affair” to create an artificial divide of the worst kind between Vincentians, thereby tearing the nation’s heart out. This is treason! Hence if Jomo has more than hints he should come clean and let the nation know. For if power is achieved through this path, mark my words, as with Ottley Hall, history shall curse us all. So Jomo, if love you SVG please tell us what you know.