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Mother’s Day


by Shenica Haynes 11.MAY.07

God has been so good,
Blessing me with a family.
Mama, you are always there for me,
Pushing and guiding me all the way.
Mama, you showed me everything that I should know,
I want to say thanks for all you have done.{{more}}

Mama, you give love to me, love so complete,
Without it I will be so in complete.
Mama, you take my weakness and made me strong,
Because you are the perfect mom,
I will always love you till the end.

Mama, you are my shelter through the raging storm,
And when you need me, I’ll always be there.
Mama, you are the queen of my heart and the greatest love of all.
There is not a day that passes by I don’t think of you.
And mama, I want to thank you all the time,
And I’m very proud to say that you are my number one.

Mama, your love is like food to my soul,
Without it I will not be able to console.
Mama, you showed me love when I was young,
how to grow and walk without you holding my hands.
And always remember that MOTHER is another way to say LOVE.