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No more Boy Beache



I’M SICK AND tired of hearing Mr. Lynch call the honorable Minister of Tourism, Youth & Sports-Glen Beache, “Boy Beache”. To make matters worse, other NDP supporters freely call into his programme and refer to the honorable minister with the same expression, for it is not a name. Why in heaven’s name must our people behave like this? Do you all think that by calling him that, you make him any less of what he is? He is a minister of government! Where is the honour due? Why do you engage in such low-down, down right rude and disrespectful behavior? Do you expect people to follow you or vote for you when you continue like that?

Let us just suppose that the minister had bad policies regarding tourism, does that make it right to call the man who holds such an honorable office and title, by such a term? Does it make your party more commendable when you use such expressions? And no, don’t tell me others have done it too. Don’t start pointing fingers and reminding me of ULP supporters who called NDP supporters names. I’m not denying it ever happened. But right now, I’m talking to you Mr. Lynch and other guilty NDP supporters! Besides, the fact that ULP supporters have done the same thing before, is no justification for you to do it. The Bible says we should not render evil for evil but overcome the evil with the good. (Romans 12:17, 21).

Where is the honorable Mr. Eustace in this matter? Why does he allow a programme sponsored by his party to engage in such talk? He is the party’s leader, not so? Well sir, you need to clean up this matter. You need to talk to Mr. Lynch. I personally feel his mouth is too loose and intemperate but he is still “Mr. Lynch”. Why can’t he, despite his own view of the Honorable Minister, give him what is his due? What are you teaching our people by your example Mr. Lynch? You are teaching them to partake in unbecoming behavior and to entertain thoughts and feelings towards persons which can lead to intolerance. You mean, just because the minister is young and lacks experience; it means he is to be called a `boy’. He is an adult by law and holds a very high office. Shame on you all man! It seems to me you’re the immature ones for engaging in such talks. So for your assistance, you may call him Glen Beache, Mr. Beache, Glen, Minister Beache. choose one.

The Bible tells us in Romans 13 that ministers of the state are God’s ministers in the land to do justice, that there is no power except God allowed it (for one reason or the other). Not even Christ, who certainly disagreed with the pagan practices of Roman leaders, entertained name calling against them. Rather he said “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” Math 22:21. So, is this how you all plan to govern this country? When you’re in power, will it be okay for people to call you all “boy this and boy that.”? You all need to be converted by the truths of Jesus Christ. If you let him into your hearts to change your values and ideas of yourselves and each other, you would relate to people rightly. Drop the nonsensical name calling and present good policies to run the country. Engage in true politics (art/science of governing a country) for God’s sake and the sake of us all Vincentians! May God help us.

“True Politician”