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Caspar London and the Serious Crimes Court



EDITOR: I notice the ULP, as Government is trying their best to deal with crime and the causes of crime, like putting things in place such as the Rapid Response Unit, Special Crime Unit within the CID, more training for police officers, and tightening of the legislation to deal with persons who are charged with gun possession. We are having too much gun related crimes within our country.{{more}}

I read the newspaper sometime ago where Acting Chief Magistrate Zoila Ellis-Browne dealt with a case where someone was convicted for possession of an unlicenced firearm. The law is clear on the penalties for such a serious crimes – a maximum of seven (7) years imprisonment and they could also be charged a fine of up to $20,000. I therefore do not think a fine of $5000 was enough punishment for the crime.

Every one has the right to question any policy in this country, but when I read Caspar London writing on crime and the Magistracy, I found his writing alarming when he suggested that the Serious Crimes Court needs to be more serious. If he was referring to what happened when Mrs. Browne was Acting Chief Magistrate, I don’t think that reflects the functioning of the Serious Crimes Court. If one Magistrate was so lenient, that’s not enough evidence to suggest that the Serious Crimes Court is not effective.

From reading court pages in the newspaper, I think Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman is doing a good job, so I’m asking Caspar London not to accuse or suggest in anyway that the Serious Crime Court is incapable. We all have to do our part in fighting crime, every assistance should be given to the law enforcement agencies including the police force and the judiciary, because government did their part, its time for people to play a more intimate role in helping to solve crime.

Crime is getting out of control, something needs to be done and it starts with us looking out for each other; not pointing fingers, the NDP say that crime and violence is out of control come up with a solution and stop criticizing. Thank you!

Kingsley DeFreitas