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Can’t a guy express himself without fear?




WHY DO MY writings seem to find such favor with certain gentlemen of a particular political persuasion? Does it have anything to do with the fact that I didn’t agree with a candidate in the 2005 General Elections using soccer jerseys in his political campaign? It’s a good thing I never got around to responding to Sir Fitz’ preference for a tunnel under, rather than a bridge over Rabbacca. What would happen to anyone caught in that tunnel during a major eruption of the La Soufriere? Didn’t my people suffer enough on Baliceaux? (Yes I am one of Chatoyer’s children) Can’t you guys quote someone more important? Someone famous?

Quite FRANKLY I don’t need the attention. I have a MAJOR problem with my letters being used in fora that fall into the political domain. Can’t a guy express himself without fear of being LYNCHED?

Rayson Duncan