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Nothing wrong with pastor’s placement



Editor: This is in response to the 13-APRIL-’07 letter in the Searchlight “Was Adventist Pastor the right choice”. I am surely not surprised, as the contents of the article only exhibit a human trait of a fearful reaction towards change. Most of you will recall a similar letter when the past Consul General, Mr. E.B John replaced the previous.{{more}}

We all hail from a Christian Community and in addition to Pastor Phillips being a Vincentian National, whether he may be an Adventist, Jehovah Witness, Baptist, Pentecostal, Anglican, Methodist etc. our religion by no means should impede our capability of being an effective leader. Furthermore, wisdom should be heightened by our religious connections. As a senior Pastor, I would want to believe that in addition to Consulate Phillips’ educational credentials, his experience gained through the process of becoming a Senior Pastor would aid in carrying out his mandate as The Consul General to SVG here in Canada.

Although I do agree that most of our community events are on weekends, I also believe that the most effective leaders are those who nurture their subordinates to become leaders. We must always lead knowing that no one is indispensable and as leaders we should empower others to ensure continuity in whatever are our undertakings.

What is so wrong with having the other two consuls make representation on behalf of the Consul General when necessary? The major demands of his mandate would be during the week days; such being the international business hours. I would hope that the mandate which warrants the Consul General’s “large salary” is not being paid to make representation at “the Vincentian Association and other SVG/Toronto groups fund raisers”; but to seek ways to enhance St. Vincent and the Grenadines with respect to education, trade, economics and social development.

My advice to “the stakeholder, community” is that as Vincentian Canadians our focus should be on strategies that can aid in the empowerment and enhancement of this

community, enabling the flow of prosperity to the land of our birth.

Elma Gabriel

Community Advocate Toronto