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Talk show hosts need to be more responsible



Editor: I enjoy listening to talk show radio, it seems that’s where persons in the Diaspora get their information. That’s why talk show hosts need to be more responsible.

Talk radio has become a part of us, persons who host talk shows such as Mr. Lynch for the NDP and Mr. Bonadie who seems to be the ULP defender host of Shake-Up (which was endorsed by our Prime Minister and was once hosted by former Press Secretary, Glen Jackson).{{more}}

We are being fed all kinds of information on these programs. The others who try to infect us with their viruses are Junior Bacchus, Frank DaSilva, Curtis King, Bert Francois and Matthew Thomas. When one listens to these talk show hosts you don’t have to wonder what they are about, it’s all about Ralph?

When this article is being read by readers they will realize there are only two programmes on Radio that make sense, which are: Voices hosted by Jomo Thomas on WE FM 99.9 and Letter from the Ground hosted by Randy D and Dr. Fraser on Nice Radio 96.7 FM. I say so because these programmes have an agenda and persons with different political opinions can call and aren’t cut off. Some persons say talk radio is only about talk, I don’t think so. Remember that’s what Glenn used to bring down the NDP. Sir James must be saying he regrets he ever freed up the airways.

Sometime ago I heard Minister, Selmon Walters suggesting its time for the ULP to put something in place to restrict talk show hosts. Minister Walters, let me remind you that ULP would not remain in office, or as the Prime Minister said, power forever! Old people say “what don’t meet you, don’t pass you…today for me tomorrow for you”, why are you trying to stop freedom of speech? I hope that’s not what you are saying, remember Frank plays back what you say, it might come back to haunt you. I am hoping that talk show hosts will be more responsible and impartial, do research and give us facts and remember – ‘keep it real!’

Kingsley DeFreitas