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OECC honoured to be part of bridge project



Editor: The acceptable practice of implementing a major public works project from its inception to completion, typically involves several major phases that require different areas of established technical expertise. For instance, it involves planning, design, construction, and maintenance phases. Reviewing decision throughout each phase is generally required by the project owner and/or other major stakeholders before proceeding onto the next phase or step within a phase. Depending on the type of a project, usually a consulting firm, a prime contractor and sub-contractor(s), and a government agency (if applicable) are selected and/or assigned for the project planning, design, physical construction and routine maintenance respectively.{{more}}

In the case of the recently inaugurated Yurumein/Taiwan Bridge over the Rabacca Dry River, there are several entities that were accountable for the above individual phases. After going through an open bidding process, The Overseas Engineering and Construction Co. (OECC) was awarded the bridge construction contract with its lowest bid. OECC then executed construction by fulfilling the consultants’ design requirements. A government agency will then be responsible for the routine structure maintenance and timely removal of obstructions from the river bed after each major water flow from the mountains.

The implementation of the Yurumein/Taiwan Bridge is an exemplary representation of work from a group of professionals that makes safe river crossing at the Rabacca Dry River in the North Windward a reality. OECC was honoured and proud to be part of this historical team effort.

Nelson Ho
OECC (SVG) Limited