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Country growing but family in crisis



Editor: We are growing as a Nation, economically, educationally and even socially, but yet what we are witnessing today in this Nation is a crisis in the family.

I am sure that many of us are sadden when reading the newspaper and hearing the news of the violent act that was done at the Community College and to learn of the existence of a gang. Who would believe that such a behaviour would be manifested at such an Institution?{{more}}

Many attribute violent crimes to the lack of proper education and economic problems. Some even go further and blame the government for these behavior, but none of these are responsible for such an act and having a gang at that Institution. It is indeed telling us of the crisis that exist in the family.

We also would read with sadness Old George’s column of teenage girls wanting a married man to have sex with them. We can not deny that many of our school children are sexually active. The AIDS figure and teenage pregnancy is a testimony of it. There is definitely a crisis in the family in this Nation.

Why I say a crisis in the family, because ladies and gentlemen the family is the first building block. It is in the home that children ought to be disciplined and developed morally and spiritually, but when these behaviours manifest, it is a sure case that there are many weak families. Not poor financially, but spiritually and morally.

Many children are given too much freedom and some too little freedom. Many homes lack love and guidance. Far too many fathers are missing in action. There are far too many single parents. Far too many parents focus on the educational and financial aspect, and neglect the spiritual aspect. Many children have parents who are not their best friend; instead the children‚s best friend is the television, the online friends and the peers at school. Material things are seen as more important than anything else. The children have not had any role models. The parents should be role models, but instead many parents are too busy and have had their priorities wrong. For them climbing the ladder of success and wearing of brand name clothes, owning brand name vehicles and focusing of having partners who are wealthy. As a result children are left to themselves, with their questions and problem. They are unfulfilled and searching. When the parents should be there to communicate and be their friend, they are absent.

Finally, we need as a nation to turn to God. Let Christ become the priority in the home and not just going to church on a Sunday morning, but let Christ live in the home. Start by being committed to Christ. Have a family altar at home and let parents become their children‚s best friend. Love is not just money, but being there for them when they need you.

Pray earnestly for your children and give to them a good foundation by being an example.

Thank you.
Kennard King