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The things we say when someone dies…



EDITOR: Life is the best blessing man receives from God; that’s why we should live it to the best way we possibly can. Sometimes I sit and wonder what is man? Man in my opinion is someone whom God gave wisdom to run things until he comes back, remember he promised us that he will come back to judge us so we should prepare for him.

I am of the strong belief that we should honour persons when they are alive. Persons who come to my mind are Bishop Sonny Williams, Burns Bonadie, Nelcia Robinson and Randy Dopwell just to name a few. They are persons who made and are still making contribution to this country. Why this idea came to my mind…{{more}} I went to Glen’s and Saluche’s funerals. Persons said all kinds of nice things about them; I am wondering if they were ever told in any way how persons felt about their contribution(s). Why do we wait until someone dies to say all kinds of nice things about them? I am hoping that the authorities would put something in place for persons who make or are still making a contribution to this country. I suggest we call it a National Award.

I have some persons the authorities should consider that made excellent contributions while they were alive namely: Glenn Jackson, Lucien ‘Saluche’ Small, Dr. Errol King, Dr. Carl Regisford, the Rt. Hon. Milton Cato, Mrs. Earlene Horne, Mr. Alfie Roberts, Mr. Ricky Hillocks, Mr. Tannie Peters and Sis. Patricia Douglas, just to name a few. They made very good contributions in every aspect of life; their legacy is outstanding, they touched a lot of lives before they left us and all we have is memories. So am hoping that when the national award is implemented these persons would be considered, because in my opinion they deserve honour.

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone should do something to make SVG a better place – that’s our responsibility. Persons like Glen, Sis. Pat, Saluche, will always stand out in mind.

Kingsley DeFreitas