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Repair pot holes at early stage



EDITOR: Happy new year to you and staff and all the readers to your informative paper.

The Hon. Douglas Slater in his budget presentation mentioned that studies are being done to see the cause of the road breaking up, and the Hon. Prime Minister mentioned that his government has spent about $90 million so far on road repairs.{{more}}

To spend that amount since taking office is commendable and the wanting to do a proper road repair programme by the honourable minister is also commendable.

However, while waiting and understanding the government’s position, the vehicle owners have to suffer the agony of traveling on these difficult roads with large pot holes. It is my humble opinion that the holes are left too long to be fixed. It would have been nice to have it fixed while it is small, rather than to wait until it becomes a major hole and then have major repairs done.

In the meantime while we are waiting for major work to be done on the roads, it will aid many vehicles and save them the agony of damage being done to their vehicles if some concrete or asphalt is put in the holes as a short-term measure. This will be greatly appreciated. It would avoid vehicles swinging off their hand many times to avoid the large potholes and thus avoid accidents.

Thank you for your understanding and for speedy action. After all, this government is supposed to be a people’s government, since it is a labour government.

Kennard King