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Blame men for state of the world


EDITOR: Please permit me time to express this thought that has been brewing for sometime now. I’ve thought about life and the things in life that are not so favourable to mankind and thought that a lot of it is the direct result of the order of the universe, and nature. I am quite convinced that the rest is due to egotistical men and our selfishness coupled with diabolic influences, to put it quite frankly.

Men, not women, are to be blamed for the state of this world, the bad things. We have complicated the simplest things in life to the point where those among us who are slow to keep up with our devious schemes and ideas are left to die, literally. Maybe we are really from “Mars” as some people claim, but what is in our genes that makes us this way? Was it like this all along since the times when the Almighty walked this earth or was it since the times of the antediluvian progenitors of the human race?{{more}}

Of course, men have done some great wonders in this world, but these are the things that they are being praised for every day. The nobel prize is one of the ways we’ve concocted to praise ourselves. Some have even had statues built in their honor. Now, it’s time that we accept responsibility for the plagues that have choked off equality and justice and life itself in this world; we must apologize to our women and children for we are the ones who screwed up the world.

The evidence is overwhelmingly clear. Slavery, the holocaust, the drug epidemic, AIDS, poverty, cost of living, oppression, guns and bombs and by extension wars and social destruction of man’s own self. These are just the few that come to mind, and though they are all striking to the core, the most troubling to me is poverty and cost of living. Why must it be such an endeavour to survive on this earth? I will never understand us men and the things we choose do. It will be an interesting thing to see when and if women get the upper hand in this world.

Marley sang “No Woman No Cry”. I think it should really be “No Man No Cry”.