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SVG fell for Digicel Rising Star bait



EDITOR: The country has returned to normal following euphoria of its overwhelming support of Kyron Baptiste in the Digicel Rising Star “competition”.

The spontaneous outpouring showed tremendous spirit of nationalism but at what economic cost was this support? It seemed that the Vincentians were the most enthused; hence the country pumped much financial resources into the competition.{{more}}

Fuelled by business houses, radio personalities, some commercial banks and even politicians, we got sucked into the whole affair in the name of a contest craftily orchestrated by the sponsor.

Vincentians have always been known to be very prudent in such undertakings, but this time we fell for the bait.

Panic set in a few Fridays ago when it was rumoured that a leading businessman in the region had allegedly supported one of the competitors. The result? People were frenetic and poured more money into the pot. Was there any truth in the rumour or was it a ploy by someone? The truth may never be known.

It will be interesting to know the amount of money that was exported from the country out of that competition. I am certain that the sponsors will wish that each year a Vincentian reaches very far in the competition, so that they can get the kind of promotion like they had this year and last year.

I marvelled at some persons who would refuse to purchase books or even a newspaper for their children, but found the money to text or called incessantly.

Are we going to show such benevolence for future medical appeals to save citizens’ lives? Could we share the same fervour in future ventures requiring national mobilisation? But out of evil cometh good. And the politicians have set the tone for future national efforts as they are expected to rally their compatriots into action that require such concerted support.

I am waiting patiently to see.