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Where is the representative for West St. George?



EDITOR: Do you want us to vote for you again Mike? I don’t think so!

It is with great disgust that I write this letter and I am not sorry that I am doing this and it is long overdue. When one looks at the condition of the roads in the West St George community you have to ask yourself “Do we have a representative? Is he alive? Where is he?”{{more}}

We all know that he is not the one in charge of roads but after all he is our representative and he has to act on his people’s behalf.

Before election they all come knocking on your door asking what can they do to help – well I am sure he, Mike Browne, can start by organizing to get the roads fixed. Thank God for those considerate persons who try to put some dirt, stones, and cement into some of the “wells” that we have to dip in on a daily basis with our vehicles. When you turn in the Kelbourney Road there are two particular “wells” filled with dirt that ease the pressure off your vehicle and if they weren’t filled they would have been impassable by now.

Top Gomea is a mess and I would not even talk about it. All coming through middle Belair and then when it comes to the power-station area again you have to be careful.

Mike, if you don’t want to do anything else I implore you to please organize and get our roads fixed just like what Sis. Girlyn did!

Concerned Citizen