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All of those ‘cry, cry babies’ need to stop!



EDITOR: Permit me space to write on the topic “CRY CRY BABIES”. Every time I listen to the persons in the leadership of the New Democratic Party, I cannot help but feel sorry for them, because although the electorate would have spoken not so long ago by the ballot to give the Unit Labour Party another five (5) years in office, there seems to be an obsession/nightmare to the opposition and causing all sorts of problems within the NDP camp. So much so that at a rally in Sion Hill early in September this year, Sen. Leacock was so upset with a billboard depicting the members of the ULP that he has threatened to burn down the board if it is not removed by the party, but at the same time nothing is wrong with Cable & Wireless and Digicel billboards. If words of this magnitude had come from the ULP it would have been a song and dance with the NDP.{{more}}

Everything this Government does is being criticized by the NDP, be it the Cross country road, the building of an airport, the Value Added Tax or the Petro-Caribe initiative has to be abused by the NDP.

I am still wondering what the former Prime Minister, Sir James Mitchell has to say about the construction of the bridge over the Rabacca River, well there is no undermine/tunnel to go through, need I say more. I am sure that the residents above the river likewise all Vincentians would feel very happy to take a drive from the city or else where to Fancy and back with little or no problem at all.

You see, there is an orchestra week days on Nice Radio, Letter from the Ground on Saturdays, facilitated by a gentleman whom I thought would have been more productive in educating the masses in a different forum, but has chosen to belittle himself analysing a so called LETTER FROM THE GROUND, this is laziness.

Finally, what the leadership failed to realize or tried to play ignorant to the fact is that, Sir James alone was the NDP and the NDP was Sir James, that is why he never had a Deputy Leader in that party until in the dying stages of that party and still you had all kinds of controversy, they did not last very long.

Mr. Eustace was never a politician but a technocrat so when he was handed the leadership, it was only a matter of time before he was catapulted into his current position. The heart of the matter is that no one currently in that party has any serious connection/affiliation with the NDP from its inception and there lies the problem. If they had gone through the trenches, valleys with Sir James, then they would have appreciation for things. That is to say, Sir James is the NDP and since he is not a force to be reckoned with, that is the end of the party. Nuff said!

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