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Newspapers should be more responsible


EDITOR: I found last weekend newspapers to be quite interesting when they carried caution from Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman about reporting on the Glenn Jackson Preliminary Inquiry. I took the caution seriously from Chief Magistrate Churaman and decided to listen to New Times Program to hear how Mr Lynch will deal with the caution. In my opinion I think he dealt with it quite well.{{more}}

I also found the time to listen to Mr Bonadie on Shake Up and he also dealt with it in a mature way. SVG TV avoided the issue, but what I found strange is the editorial in another section of the press. I think it was an attack on the Chief Magistrate. Is that newspaper suggesting that Chief Magistrate should ask persons who find the time to listen to leave the court? The newspaper should understand what is taking place in Court is a Preliminary Inquiry and not a trial.

Is the newspaper suggesting that from now on that all Preliminary Inquiries be held in private? Let me inform the newspaper that laws and regulations are meant to be for the good of everyone and is expected to be administered in such a way that everyone is treated equally.

I think the editorial reflects the newspaper and they should try to be more responsible and show respect where it is due.

Kingsley DeFreitas