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Staff doing excellent job at Liberty Lodge Training Centre


EDITOR: Much negative stigma is attached to the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre.

However, as someone who goes there weekly, it is quite evident that the staff is doing a very, very commendable job.

The boys are well behaved and you would hardly believe that they are supposed to be delinquent boys. This leads us to wonder why these boys were troublesome at home. Are they really troublemakers or were they brought up in homes that showed little or no discipline?{{more}}

Many times our boys behave badly, because parents never showed them love and they were never trained properly. After all if these mothers are teenagers themselves, then tell me how they can properly train their child/children.

Many times they are left without guidance and love. So they seek for love and get if from the wrong source.

It is therefore important that fathers play their role as fathers and mothers be true mothers indeed. We have too many single parents and too many teenaged mothers. Then no wonder the crime rate is high. Due to the demands on many fathers they hardly have time to spend with their children and the mothers many times are very stressed out.

Ladies and gentlemen, the cause of this ill behavior can be associated with the poor family life and lack of Christ within the home.

So may we as a nation train our children in a god-fearing manner? This will mean therefore that we give ourselves and our homes to God. Also let us offer a prayer for the staff of the Liberty Lodge Boys Training centre.

Thank you.

Kennard King