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Senator Francis, Jomo and Dr. Cox


EDITOR: I noticed Senator Francis writing to clear the air on Jomo and Dr Cox writing about Jomo being a member of the ULP. When Dr Cox wrote about Jomo membership, I wondered if the story had any merit. If not, why did Senator Francis see it fit to write and clear the air?{{more}}

From reading Dr Cox and Jomo’s response about the political climate here I think that the writing from Dr Cox had some merit. If one listened to Jomo and Senator Francis one will suspect something is wrong. Is there any problem between Minister Francis who sits in Cabinet and decides who should head the organization that Jomo is responsible for? After Senator Francis was defeated by Mr Eustace, is Jomo showing an interest in being a candidate to do what Senator Francis promised to do and did not deliver. Sometimes I wonder if Jomo’s interest in politics is creating problems in the ULP camp. I think the time is right for the ULP to start encouraging new faces, should only the progressive be involved as Jomo suggested? I think everyone is progressive and that’s how one should look at his or her self. So Jomo, please don’t single out anyone as being more progressive than the other that’s why persons in the ULP think you should form your own political party.

I heard Mr Lynch suggesting that NDP should accept Jomo as a member of the party because that’s how Dr Gonsalves started; now he is Prime Minister. Jomo if I were you, I would consider being a member of the NDP, you never know you might become leader since there seems to be some concern about Mr Eustace leadership.

Kingsley DeFreitas