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What going on here?


EDITOR: I write regarding the repairs to the main road leading to Upper New Montrose.

For many years, this road has been in serious disrepair. In mid September 2005, we observed a Government team digging up the entire road. It was dug in such a way that homeowners could no longer walk nor drive their vehicles. There was a complete absence of notification to the residents, and as a result, some vehicle owners have been unable to get their vehicles out, before work commenced. In other words, they have been trapped. A large number of old persons and children live in the area and there are no other roadways leading to their homes. To make matters worse, the workmen work only a few days per week.{{more}}

A small portion of the road has been now concreted. The quality of the work is extremely poor, and in my opinion, this road will not last six months. During the paving of this portion of the road, the entire width of the road was worked on, so that pedestrians could only walk in the drain.

On Tuesday, October 10, work ceased for whatever reason, and on Thursday, October 13, Government removed the cement mixer, which was being used. The major portion of the road is yet to be done but we see no signs of activity.

Are we to conclude the Government has NO regard for people in the Upper New Montrose? What is our Parliamentary representative doing about the situation?

Concerned Resident